About SKT Golf Studio

We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what is good-quality when it comes to golf clubs and golf accessories and can cater to every golfer’s individual requirements. We launched our business in 2017. Our chief, Siva and his team offer a professional and personal service in a state of the Golf fitting studio.

Siva is a well-known club fitter and renowned in the industry for his knowledge with over 20 years of experience. Our team at SKT Golf Studio are all specialists in club and shaft technology.

They are able to tailor their services to suit their customers and welcome all ages and levels of golfers. Our unique service offers customers both general branded products and premium products, tailored exactly to your swing and budget. We also offer a full repair service to golfers who want to get their clubs re-gripped or shafts replaced with an extensive choice of the latest equipment.

Brand Story

This is not just a dream come true, but the story of a man called Thiruselvan, popularly known as “Siva”, who started his career at the lowest point in life as a Caddy in 1992 at a tender age of 13. He started golfing and won medals.

After enjoying some time golfing, he went on to join a new Golf Shop as a Salesman which inspired him to learn about golf affairs and of course his rice bowl now – Club Fitting. His experiences and talents opened his path further and he eventually got promoted to Fitting Assistant. His career growth encountered a remarkable point when he joined another firm in 1998 where he loyally served the business for almost 18 years. These golden years allowed him to work and report to great bosses from the western side.

Finally, after gaining all the worthy experiences, Siva took his career to the next level by forming SKT Golf Studio in 2017, and this new journey as a Skilled Club Fitter is now exposing him to several International Golfers and guess what? This brand is set to grow bigger and bigger! To him, this is just a mark of a milestone!

Our approach is always here to help

Our Vision

To be the most popular and successful club fitter in Malaysia that partners and works with global brands.

Our Mission

To empower, educate and engage golfers into discovering more insights on club fitting and its importance. To introduce new brands that are good and ready to make an impact in golfer’s journey.

Our Values

  • I Individualistic Approach
  • N Nurture Advance Golfing Thinking
  • S Service Oriented
  • P Product Knowledge Driven
  • I Iconic
  • R Reliable
  • E Experienced Professionals

Message from the Director

Dear Customers,

It’s all about club fitting! This is my passion, and this is my expertise. I see golfers as my inspiration. I admire them and I find them very special. As we know, golf is more than we think and to experience that beauty, one has to get themselves into golfing.

We have every combination from length, lie, weight, and shafts possible. My golf studio will feature special products not available anywhere else. Whether it be your irons, fairway woods, driver, and more. We have the right combination for you.

My core plan is to create impact to golfers’ journey. My team will measure key components such as shaft deflection, club path, and swing planes to find the correct shaft frequency, club head type, lie angles, and even the type of ball you should be playing.

SKT Golf is a pride to us and we, as a team will always be there to make a difference in your golfing experience.

Enjoy the moments!